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uArm Swift Main Body (Accessories excluded)

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uArm Swift Pro Main Body includes the robotic arm main body,suction cup and bluetooth only,


if you want to get more accessories,please select Optional Functions.


uArm Swift series are consumer level desktop robotic arms which are developed for makers and STEAM education

purposes. Based on Arduino, uArm Swift series is open-source and DIY friendly robotic. It’s extremely easy to use,

almost anyone can learn how to play with it in just a few minutes. It supports visual programming, which is beginner friendly,

even a 9-year-old can pick it up easily. It also supports Arduino, Python, GRABCAD and ROS programming.

Unleash the maker inside and get uArm to make your idea happen!

(uArm Swift Main Body includes the robotic arm main body, suction cup and bluetooth)






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uArm Swift is one of the most affordable open source robotic arm in the market. It's small in size and light in weight,

making it NEVER a fantasy any more to put a robotic arm on your desk. Simply power it on, record what you want it to do,

and it just follows. It's so easy to use, almost anyone can plug and play with it in a few minutes. It has 4 servo motors

built in which enable it to move very responsively. More excitingly, we have featured functions like Leap Motion gesture 

control, mouse& keyboard control, etc all embedded in our all-in-one working platform--uArmStudio. And more....

It's really up to you to add what features you want to it's built in extension port. It's time you got one on your desk!






Easy to Use: Offline Learning Mode


It’s extremely easy for almost anyone to learn how to play with uArm robotic arm in just a few minutes. Offline learning mode

requires no coding experience or complicated assembling. You simply need to power it on, press record, teach it what to

do by dragging it. Then it will just do what you’ve taught it. Just that easy!





Limitless PossibilitiesOpen Source


uArm Swift series are open-source and DIY friendly. With extension ports built-in on the base and end-effector,

you can connect it with modules like OpenMV camera, Seeed Grove sensors, etc to expand it's possibilities. Whether you like to

program with Arduino, Python or ROS, you will definitely have fun with uArm in your maker life. 









Swappable End-effectors 





Gesture Control


Have you thought about having a robot that can synchronize what you do?

uArm Swift makes that imagination few more steps closer! Link gesture control units like Leap Motion with uArm Swift

then you can easily pull the trick right on your desk.





Visual Programing (No Coding Required!)


No coding skills? No worries! Blockly makes programming easy ever after. Whether 9-year-olds or adult beginners,

or whoever has that original passion of exploration and making inside of you, you can program uArm to do tasks in munites! 





Dedicated Applications and Intuitive user interface


We have developed an all-in-one uArm software working platform and a dedicated mobile app for uArm products. 

The working platform, which also known as uArmStudio, comes in a clean and intuitive user interface with

instructions, setting and diagnosis built in for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.




uArm’s mobile app, which also known as uArm Play, makes uArm robotic arm controlling and playing so easy,

just like playing a mobile game. Following our plan to make uArm a better way to learn and play for beginners and kids,

we are now working on embedding visual Blockly in uArm play. Android and IOS versions are available on our website.





Make with uArm Robotic Arms


uArm could be the extension of your imagination and creativity.

Either do a light painting, or have fun creating a little fun bar tending program, uArm is fully capable. 

However far your imagination goes, uArm goes with you!





uArm Swift VS uArm Swift Pro

Specifications of uArm Swift



Choose freely end-effector for uArm Swift Kit 





Documents & Resources 


User Handbook

Youtube Tutorials

Download Page


Facebook Community






uArm Swift series comes with 1 year warranty, which includes:

FREE maintenance replacements and support guaranteed for the first 3 months!

Replacements with charge and free technical support for the remaining 9 months!





You probably know that we just finished our VERY successful Indiegogo campaign and now most backers’ perks have been shipped

and delivered. Now we are taking orders! Usually orders will be ready for shipment in 10 days after payment. Actual fulfillment time

will vary due to stock status and production plan. All preorders will be shipped via DHL by default and you are most likely to receive in

about a week. If you have special notes on shipping method(s) or anything, feel free to fill in the form in About Shipping page.


Thank you very much for your support!



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