xArm See you Las Vegas

We received a lot of inquiries from enthusiastic users in every aspect of xArm after Tokyo exhibition.


Our R&D team has been worked day and night to developed the xArm to meet our customers’ request. 

Finally, we are able to take the next shuttle to the future of technology——CES.



CES is the International Consumer Electronics Show, held by the American Consumer Electronics manufacturers association (CTA), aim at bringing High-Tech electronic technology to modern life.

Why should  CES is the shuttle to the future?

CES began in 1967 and was held every year, it’s been over 50 years up to now, which has become the world's largest platform for electronics companies to present their high-tech products. 

From January 9 to 12, 2018, the 51st CES will be held in Las Vegas.

Most of the high-tech products that will come out in the coming year will be unveiled here in advance.

CES has led the trend of consumer electronics, where you can feel the fresh air about technology.



xArm has been able to attend CES because we are committed to creating a consumer product with a robotic arm, and xArm will give all of the customers a new experience with robotic arms.



What's more, uArm will also be presented in CES, as our main product now, uArm is equipped with so many expection, with strong functions and powerful features.




See you in Las Vegas.



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